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The Right to Education builds a nation well. It is well said if you want to cripple a nation, cut the legs of the information and education system. However, online platforms for education are no more a new thing. But yes, it is rising with rapid growth. All the schools, universities, and other education institutions are focusing on developing their own eLearning Applications. The trend for opting for the best online education institutions is getting higher. We vouch for a better and well-educated future generation for the nation. It is not about the studies, which are prescribed to the students, the means of education play an important role in forming the life of a child.

In the recent past, the world has moved online. This is a major shift for everyone, where people are really comfortable with eLearning. However, Digital solutions have been provided to every school, learning and education center. Educational mobile apps have helped the learners to get the best education with an ease of technology. In present times, India and the USA have been able to cope with the tough times with different apps and websites. At Perdiscoo, a leading education web development company in India and USA, you can find different kinds of web solutions for your requirements. Now you can get the best e-learning app development services without any hassle. Earlier, the people were limited to websites, but now mobile applications are ruling. Also the advancement of technologies like AR and VR. Students can study with interactive puzzles, quizzes and a lot of fun activities with online learning applications.

Educational App Features

E- Learning must be equipped with some basic and extremely advanced functions. These make it easier for the students to understand and retain their coursework better in a smooth manner. The education mobile apps and websites developed at Perdiscoo cover all the basic functions along with advanced functions for your needs to outshine in this industry. Let us learn about some of the key features that we prepare for you:

Manage Subjects

There are so many subjects. It becomes tiresome to manage the notes and assignments of each. The app makes it easy for you to manage each subject and aids in easy learning. While every assignment is pit under the right folders and a proper track is kept for digital subjects and notes, it saves a lot of time for the users of your app.

Manage Courses

All the learners can access to variety coursesUsers can keep a tab of the course you have joined under a unique heading and sort them according to different criteria be it, date started, course matter, length of the course, etc. Also, the educator can also watch out the views on every course that a learner has chosen. The students can select multiple courses for themselves.

Attendance System

The e-learning app features a unique and efficient attendance system. It tracks not just your joining time of the lecture but also your participation in-class activities and your attentiveness by analyzing the response of the student to questions put to them. Every lecture is recorded for any further reference in the future.

Online Exam

Online exams are a new requirement. Almost every competitive exam is held online, even schools are shifting to online mode. The online exams at the e-learning app are video and audio proctored. It leaves no scope for cheating. This feature is a must-to-include thing in your education application.

eBook Library

The e-learning app developed by Perdiscoo comes with an eBook Library. The students can find their books in this eBook Library. The educator has the option of adding more books to this library aimed at the learning of those being educated. The library can be turned into an open space for learning and absorption.

Discussion System

Discussion is very important in e-Learning. It helps the educator to make sure that the students are getting to know what is being taught to them. This will improve class response and overall performance. Perdiscoo has put in the effort to ensure these discussions to be made as natural as possible.

Instant Chat

Just like WhatsApp and Instagram, the e-Learning platform features an Instant chat. It helps the students to put forth their questions to the teacher very easily. As the app is dedicated to education, there will be no issues to use it. When students ask questions through WhatsApp, it becomes cumbersome. Hence, the automated instant chat feature is a smart choice.

Alexa Integration

The e-Learning app developed by Perdiscoo is enabled for Alexa Integration. The app can be synced with Alexa and it will help the students learn whenever and wherever they are in the house. Lessons can be read out to them, oral tests can be designed easily, etc. It is an added benefit of the app.

Advanced Search

The app comes loaded with lots of features. This is one of the best features e-Learning app boasts of. An advanced search option allows the students to search for facts and trivia related to what is being taught. This expands the horizon of the child. It is a great tool for curious kids.

Secure Login

The e-Learning app has a secure login system, which ensures that the information is all safe and nobody else can access the information of the students. This keeps all the sensitive data safe and secure. It streamlines your user experience and makes it enjoyable. You can access the app without any hassle.

Receipt Download

The payment procedure is really sensitive and the payee always prefers to save the receipts with them for future records in terms of safety. Hence, we can provide a feature to accommodate them to download the fee/other payment receipts in no time.

Result Publish

This feature facilitates the students to check their results and keep it handy on your app. Their results would be automated to get published for their ease and future records. Students can check out their published results anytime on the app.

Administrative Features

The app comes with good administrative controls. Teachers can easily access the report and work done by the student and apply changes to every student’s profile collectively. This provides ease of use and saves time. The educator can add or remove files and notes to the accounts of those being taught.

Video/Audio Integration

The app is enabled well for video and audio integration. This results in an efficient teaching mechanism. The students tend to learn better through audio and video means as compared to pictures and written matter. Books can be read but can be explained better with visual effects. The educator can help the students understand through this feature.

Project Sharing

Projects can be easily shared through the e-Learning app. The mobile app developed by Perdiscoo makes it easy to share the files with one or more students easily. The projects can be shared with the whole class easily. This helps the students and teachers to connect easily with each pupil.

Parents Login

Parents can quickly check their ward’s performance by accessing the e-Learning through Parent’s login option. This helps the parents to keep a check on the child’s performance. This way they can help their child to learn better. This unique feature is offered only on the e-learning app developed by Perdiscoo.

R&D Topics Listing

This feature gives great insight to students. R&D topics serve information to the learner. Exposure and knowledge about different topics help a student grow and learn better. This feature will provide access to various research and development topics in a list format to all the learners.


There is a different section in the e-Learning app, which comes up with new information and the latest news for the students. These blogs help the students understand new trends and gain knowledge about their surroundings.

School/College Information

The e-Learning app is enabled with regular information about different colleges and schools. This helps the student to make a clear plan about the future. This enables a child with enough information to make well-informed decisions. This section is also very important for parents.

Events Publish

Various events can be published on the app regularly. This helps the student to remain informed about what is happening in and around their place. It accommodates in maintaining a decent general knowledge. The section does true wonders for those who are getting educated.

Build a powerful online educational presence with Perdiscoo

Perdiscoo is the best education software development company in India and the USA. Now, you can hire an E-Learning app Development Company like ours easily to meet your requirements. E-Learning apps help the students grasp better and retain well without challenging themselves to different geographical boundaries. The number of students has no limit when it comes to online education. You can reach endless students via an effective education app. You can make a magnificent online educational presence with a well-designed educational app. E-learning app development requires attention to detail to fulfill all your needs. Perdsicoo is the best education software development company in India and the USA.

Learning Management System

That's a software technology that deals with the management, administration, tracking, automation, and delivery of education. It covers courses, different programs for skill development, etc. LMS has become the hottest software in today's time. Perdiscoo’s e-learning app comes enabled with the feature to make it easier for the users.

Multi-device & easy navigation

With Perdiscoo’s e-learning app, you can access your account from different devices easily. The easy navigation system of the app provides users with great comfort. You can access the e-learning app anytime from anywhere. This ensures that students never lose their study material, no matter where they are.

Performance & Security

One of the most significant factors in the e-learning app development is the performance and security of the app. We go to great lengths to make sure that all your data is safe and secure in the app's folder. The app is designed in a way to keep up the performance and provide a hassle-free experience for the user.

Interactive Experience

An educational app should be engaging enough to ensure that the interest of the students is gauged. The interactive experience is necessary to ensure that the pupils do not lose focus while studying. The user-friendly interface makes it easier to navigate the app. Perdiscoo keeps the user interface as the utmost priority while developing an educational mobile app.

Education Website Design Services For Institutes, Collages,and Schools

The education world is rapidly moving into digital platforms. It has become one of the major requirements to provide an interesting, flexible and comfortable way of education to everyone through eLearning applications. Every educational institution like a school, college, or a private institution today needs a website to help its services proliferate further and reach new people. Websites help an institution to keep the students around them updated and interested in the activities going on. At Perdiscoo, an education web development company in India, you can get a website designed by the best software developers.

Every educational institution may have a different set of requirements for the website designs, information to be broadcasted, and the user interface. This helps us to streamline our work and realize our goals. Perdiscoo is a very understanding education software development company and works according to the needs of the customer. We look into the needs of the customer and understand them well, then build a framework to build a customized website design.

Custom/Responsive School Website Design

A responsive website design is what everybody is looking for. All the toggle buttons, commands should be well functioning. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the websites perform well, consisting of custom designing.

Education Website Development

Education websites are the need of the day. Students must be able to access education from any place. Online education helps to access knowledge by logging in from any device.

Education CMS Development

Content management is crucial to develop an educational website. Education means lots of content. It becomes important to safeguard the information and store it well.

Education Website Redesign and Development Services

Sometimes all your education websites require is just a little overhauling and touch-ups. Development and redesigning go hand-in-hand. Renovation and basic development are needed now and then.

Digital Marketing Services For Education Website

Digital marketing is vital in this techno-savvy era. It helps you to analyze your educational audience and propagate your marketing strategies accordingly in the digital world.

Educational Application Development

These days, application development is necessary for the education industry. Educational applications help the students to understand and learn through visual and audio means. It helps in better grasp and retention at their homes only.

Educational App Development Solutions

Educational apps are important in today's digitally driven world. Perdiscoo is a world-class e-learning app development company. Some of the educational app solutions provided here are:

School App

Schools require an interactive app for their curriculum in the present times. This will help the students to keep abreast of the syllabus and notes.

Teachers/Student App

A student/teacher app is important for correspondence between students and teachers. It will become a unique place for education-related communication.

Kids App

The kid's app is made for interactive learning of kids. Young children learn better at a tender age and visuals provide a better understanding and grasp.

eLearning App

The app is designed to provide the students with every kind of help related to their studies, notes, and skills development. It is a great and trendy solution for every student. You must Hire an e-learning app developer at Perdiscoo to get a smart eLearning app.

Coaching Class App

Many private institutions require digital apps for the smooth functioning of the courses enrolled in by the pupils. This app is designed to provide easy access to learning.

College/University App

College and University curriculums are complex and need a proper tracking app to make it easier for the students to manage their lives.

Online Exam App

With the world moving online stems the need for an online exam app. These apps come with video and audio proctoring. It helps to ensure cheating free exams.

Preschool/Kindergarten App

Preschool studies require a great foundation. A digital app with all the learning material is a great solution. It comes packed with all the information, rhymes, and books.

Online Training App

In the present world, we all need to hone our professional skills. Such an app can solve all your woes. This app will provide you all the skill development material you will ever need.

Educational Game App

Games are proven to develop some parts of the mind exceptionally well. These games are designed to open up new horizons and improve IQ and creativity.

eBook Library App

The app houses millions of books to read from. A student can learn a lot from reading. Different kinds of books are available in the eBook Library.

Course Selling App

If you need some source to sell your course, this is the solution. A course-selling app houses different kinds of courses available in the market, which can be bought.

Educational Project Listing App

If you love to do DIY and enjoy learning about new projects students are doing. Head over to this app. This app lists different educational projects, which will help you.

Language Learning Education App

Languages are a key tool of communication. If you are moving to a new country or have friends who speak different languages, do not worry. Now learn various languages just at a tap away.

Reference Education App

While you study and learn, references are important. This app provides you with various referencing styles and modes, which one can choose from.

Tutorial Education App

All of us keep on seeking different tutorials. If you are someone who wants to get a specialized app for your tutorials, Perdiscoo is the solution for your woes.

Math Problem-Solving App

Mathematics is a hard subject. Now all students can cope with it easily. Sometimes expert help is required. Get your math problem-solving app built by Perdiscoo.

Classroom Education App

If you are a teacher and want to broadcast your lectures on a specialized education app, we are here to help you out with the most refined technology.

Student Portfolio App

A portfolio is vital for any professional. Student portfolios hold the utmost importance as you are new at making them. This app will guide them to make the best and handy portfolio.

Parents App

Parents can easily keep a tab on their ward's performance through a parent's app. It will enable them to access all the information and progress of their child.

Industries We Serve

Being a renowned Android application development company, Perdiscoo is recognized for serving modern solutions to the industries of all types. We deliver the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost across the globe.

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Our Valued Clients are the most important asset for us. We believe in delivering the best quality work.

Perdiscoo has been a lifesaver for my business at all stages. Whenever I require web solutions, I send the requirements to them, and they knock it out and come up with the best solution in no time. Having them on board with my business has truly made my life much more relaxed and better.

Alexander Alex

I am fortunate to hire Perdiscoo as my business handler. Their team did a great job and came up with the best solution ever to cater to all my web development needs.

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The experience with Perdiscoo has been fantastic. I assisted within no time from the very first start. It's always a pleasure to work with the team. They are very responsive and results-oriented.

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Amazing results. I enjoyed working with the team, and most importantly, helped us to achieve our motive of standing out in today's market and made our presence visible on the web for business growth and expansion.


Very happy with their work, my project requirements were met on time and according to my needs. Mr. Alfred team played well as an expert in WordPress customization , He managed well what we expect. Very good English, excellent communication, he is here every-time i needed him. Will definitely hire Perdiscoo again for any future needs.


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